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Moon trailer online

Moon_Poster.jpgThe trailer for the science fiction film Moon starring Sam Rockwell and from the director Duncan Jones and writer Nathan Partker has arrived, and I have to say it looks glorious. Okay the face for the computer looks quite naff, but for everything else it looks superb.

The storyline is one of those simple ideas that looks like it will play out on a very personal and emotional level but at the same time looking like it has a huge scope behind it. Plus Rockwell looks like he might be delivering a strong performance.

Sam Bell is an astronaut who lives on a station on the moon which is mining a resource from the moon which could be the key to reversing the energy crisis on Earth. His only companion, apart from the video link back to Earth, is the computer system that manages the station.

Two weeks before he is due to return to Earth and his family after his three year stint on the planet, he begins to start seeing and hearing things, and feeling decidedly strange, which leads to a near fatal accident.

While recuperating another astronaut arrives to take over for the next three years, the man appears to be a younger version of himself, filled with the same desires he once had.

Moon does sounds interesting, and it already has potential to go a number of ways if you start thinking of the plot, but it isn't distracting me from the idea of seeing this film. Just watch the trailer to get sucked right in.



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