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More Michael Crichton films?

MichaelCrichton.jpgIt looks like Michael Crichton is set to live on in two new novels and films, one a sixteenth century pirate story and the other a modern technological thriller. However the latter story will have to be completed by another writer and will be a co-written work.

Although deals haven't yet been made on the books you can bet that the rights will be sold and the films developed. Michael Crichton was always a favoured source of adapted works and after an artist's death there's always even more interest in their works.

The first story is called Pirate Latitudes and Michael Crichton wrote it before he died last year. It tells the story of a notorious pirate called Hunter and his joint plans with the Governor of Jamaica to steal the treasure from a Spanish Galleon.

The other novel has no title and hasn't been finished yet, so Variety tells us that a writer is being sought to complete the work, although there's no word on what the plot is as yet.

I imagine that these stories will make it to the big screen, after all it's Michael Crichton we're talking about and he's been responsible for a string of film and TV adaptations, even if some of them are following the same story time and time again.

I really can't see these two films being any different, although a pirate film might not be the hottest property right now, a technological thriller may well be.



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