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More undeserved anti-Tom Cruise commentary

TomCruise.jpgThere's more anti-Tom Cruise writing online, and it's not from a blog or a website, but from one of the official Hollywood film sources, and I'm struggling to find what the big surprise or even what the story is.

For me the article talking about how Tom Cruise is spending money on top talent to tailor scripts for his potential films has no surprises at all and reeks of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Scripts are rewritten all the time, and more often than not rewritten by other screenwriters other than the ones who first wrote them. It happens all the time and in some of the bigger films the script can go through a number of different scriptwriters.

What usually happens though is that it's the studio and/or the producers who are pushing these different scripts, not so much the star.

So the article from Variety today making a big deal about Tom Cruise hiring scriptwriters to rewrite scripts for films that he might star in, and narrowing his choices based on what they come back with, and this is in his role as both a producer and leading star.

I don't get it, scripts are honed and rewritten all the time, and top screenwriters are bought in to rewrite them all the time, and in some high level projects paid a hell of a lot of money to come in and do it quickly, with others notes. This is an aspect of the business, so why is it a deal when Tom Cruise does it in his capacity as a big star and a producer?

The article tells us that Cruise is looking for his next film and that he's spending a lot of money ensuring that the film that does grab him has the perfect script, and what's wrong with that? It's his image and it's his desire to star in a film, so why not spend the money in order to make sure it's right when he does do it? It's not as if he doesn't have the cash to spare.

“While screenwriters all over town have been taking haircuts on every deal, the script doctors in the Cruise derby have been making as much as $250,000 a week, for two to six weeks, as they hone projects with notes from Cruise. Those writers include Scott Frank, who has been revising the action comedy Wichita for Cruise to play an action hero; Richard Curtis, who beefed up Lost for Words; and Paul Attanasio, who is now rewriting the rewrite that Matarese Circle director Cronenberg delivered.

Meanwhile, Billy Ray continues to hone Motorcade with notes from Cruise. Christopher McQuarrie is doing the same on The Tourist, which the writer is also producing. (Ray and McQuarrie are not technically script doctors because they've been writing these projects for months.) And Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci also did some reworking of 28th Amendment, which they originally sold as a spec script in 1999.”

I do find myself asking a big so what? The writers who are lucky enough to be offered these high paid jobs are earning a great deal, so why not, and Cruise is getting the perfect script for this film in his eyes, and let's not forget that the film itself is potentially getting a better script, or at least one that has had more work done on it, and the film could end up with Tom Cruise starring in it.

Let's not forget that if the producers and director don't like the script and Cruise leaves the project, they can go back to a previous version, or do whatever suits the film.

I don't see what the problem is, do you? Oh yes, it's because it's Tom Cruise.



I completely agree, who cares if Cruise can't decide on what he wants and that wastes tons and tons of money. Why should he worry about it as long as people let him get away with it. That's his right!

I'm sure the folks losing their houses aren't even paying attention.

As a writer constantly on the verge of losing my house, I'd take the job in a heartbeat. Work is work.

Richard, couple of points, he's not wasting money, he's buying services from other companies/people, that's how an economy works so you could argue he's helping the economy.

It's also terrible people are losing their houses and having a tough time just now but he earned his money, however big his salary is in comparison he earned it for himself.


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