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Multiple Star Trek clips online

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThere have been quite a few Star Trek clips appearing online of late from all sorts of places and I've tried to gather them together here, well the ones that aren't stupidly restricted to a U.S. only audience.

So far it's looking good, but I'm definitely not in the camp of applauding for minutes and crying, shouting that this is better than the Wrath of Khan as fans have allegedly been after an impromptu screening.

Saying that though the footage looks great, it looks exciting, and the cast do look very similar to the original actors, but is that enough? Really?

I think it's more than enough to make an exciting and enjoyable film, but is it going to be a great Star Trek?

Kirk argues with Spock on the bridge with Scotty caught in the middle

McCoy meets Kirk

Kirk and Uhuru, "A Fair Fight"

TV Advert "Experience"

Fifth TV Advert with the excellent line "you're a Captain now Kirk"

Fourth TV Advert

Third TV Advert

Second TV Advert - they've not allowed embedding on this one

First TV Advert



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