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Naked Ambition documentary trailer online

NakedAmbition.jpgMichael Grecco is the celebrity photographer that created the book Naked Ambition: An R-Rated look at an X-Rated Industry (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), a coffee table book that has revealing portraits of stars of the adult industry, but not revealing in the sense that you would expect.

The book features the stars in poses far from the erotic pornographic shots you might expect, instead it shows them in stark, often clothed shots alongside the tools of their trade. As part of the research for the book Grecco and his team shot over thirty-five hours of footage from behind the scenes of the shoot as well as from the Adult Industry Awards in Las Vegas.

There's a trailer that has arrived for Michael Grecco's documentary Naked Ambition: An R-Rated look at an X-Rated Industry, and it's right here to see.

To give you an idea of the book here's the blurb from the book from the official site, and you can see and read more from Grecco's official site:

“Michael Grecco's gigantic, glossy, full-color photo book is not hot. It's chock-full of porn performers, from the famous to the never-arrived, and their various tools of the trade, from sex dolls and glass dildos to stripper heels, and it shows acres of flesh. And it's about sex. But arousing, no. It's wholly unerotic. It's also utterly compelling, impossible to stop looking at, and difficult to put down.

It's the bubble within the sex bubble, and Grecco had a backstage pass. "Naked Ambition" captures all the bright pink everything, Lucite heels, trashy stripperwear, het stereotypes and big-boobed blondes that seem fresh from a trip through a 1990s frat-boy time machine. It's DVD culture (far, far from Internet culture) and dated sexuality, preserved like a pornified Twinkie in its format and distribution channels.”

The book is gaining a lot of press and positive commentary, something you can see from the press page on the site, but there's not that much information on the documentary itself. However the trailer does give us more insight as to what the documentary could be about, and the associated blurb from TrailerAddict tells us:

“An R-Rated Look At An X-Rated Industry takes the audience to a surreal setting where thousands travel each January: the Adult Video News Awards – charmingly sometimes called 'the Oscars of Porn.' Culling from two recent AVN awards shows and conventions, Grecco gained access backstage and in every other area of the four-day Las Vegas pornography extravaganza. The result is a unique look that captures artistic, revealingly human portraits of porn stars and filmmakers, both legends and literal newcomers. Along with human subjects, the documentary features provocative props, hardware, footwear, sex toys and gadgets used exclusively in the adult industry.”

Genuinely, I think this might be interesting. Okay it's definitely being made as a companion selling piece for the book, but it might carry the same style as the book which means that it won't be all gratuitous and hardcore, and in fact look at the people and their real feelings and desires, something that the trailer most definitely suggests.

I've heard good things about the book, and looking at the trailer I'm thinking that it might deliver something positive and intriguing too.



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