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New Drag Me To Hell trailer online

DragMetoHell.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Sam Raimi's smaller horror film Drag Me To Hell and it's looking much more effective and terrifying than the first.

I wasn't that taken with the first trailer which reminded me of Thinner (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), and while that still remains true, we now have a much slicker, more effective trailer with plenty more scares.

Drag Me to Hell tells the story of a woman who is in fear of losing her job because she's just too kind to customers, and when the manager makes an implied threat that he's liable to drop her in favour of a new employee for the promotion that she desperately needs, she decides to be a lot firmer.

With that she forecloses on a frail old woman who begs on her knees, she doesn't relent and when she is leaving that night in the deserted underground car park, the woman grabs her and curses her with a powerful demon.

She discovers that the demon will torment her for a number of nights before taking her to hell, except there is a way out, other than getting the woman to lift the curse presumably, and that's to pass the curse over to someone else.

This is where the trailer then really picks up and we get plenty of action and fast paced shots of what looks like some pretty scary stuff. The story is developed much better too, and you really do feel what's at stake as the latter half is flashing by.

I'm now liking this a lot more than the first trailer, what about you?



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