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No more Pink Panther films

PinkPanther-SteveMartin.jpgSteve Martin made two Pink Panther films, with the second proving not particularly popular. Now the producer/director of them both says he thinks the Pink Panther films are done.

Can't say I'm too upset, they never prompted me to going to see them.

Steve Martin played Inspector Jacques Clouseau in two Pink Panther films. No mean feat taking on the role made famous by Peter Sellars. The second one pretty much bombed though, and Martin was of the belief that comedies just weren't the right medium for critics. Not only that but he was confident that with the passing of time, people would think differently about his Pink Panther films.

Shawn Levy who produced both and directed the first film, says that this incarnation of Inspector Clouseau is pretty much over. He was talking to MTV.

I think we’ve likely seen the end of this iteration of the ‘Pink Panther’ films. Obviously, the sequel did not strike the chord that the first movie did. There are theories as to why this one wasn’t a hit. Sometimes, that’s just how the cards fall.

He doesn't have any regrets though, and seems to think he was privileged to see Martin playing the character.

Steve Martin’s Clouseau – the joy of watching him play that guy – was the reason I did the first movie, the reason I Executive Produced the second movie. Whether we make more ‘Pink Panther’ films or not, for me it was one of the truly memorable Steve Martin performances.

I wasn't moved to go and see either of them, so I really couldn't tell either way. From what I can tell though, they were aimed at kids more than the original. And even the kids I know weren't really interested in the second film.

Anyone out there seen both? Where they really that bad? Are people glad to see the end of them?



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