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No Taken 2 for Morel

Taken.jpgPierre Morel is the director of the very strong Taken (Filmstalker review), and we’ve been hearing some rumour that he might tackle a sequel, bringing the same character and the star Liam Neeson back for another hard edged outing.

However he looks like he has something else in line, and while it can be likened to a possible Taken 2, there are enough changes to mean that it isn’t Neeson, it isn’t that character, and it isn’t Taken 2.

The untitled thriller, according to Empire, is to be directed by Pierre Morel and will follow a very similar style and tone to Taken. It follows a CIA operative in Tokyo who is about to retire and takes on, unsurprisingly, one last mission. However in taking that one last mission (hasn’t he read about all the other agents before him and their last missions before retirement? Surely he’s attended some of those retirement parties?) he gets caught up in a massive conspiracy.

Well already you could be thinking that this is rather formulaic and might be easily considered a prequel to Taken, following the agent when he was a CIA operative. However the good news is that it isn’t a sequel and that Taken 2 may well still happen.

Pierre Morel is directing this film at another studio, it’s not Fox who made Taken, so that’s another reason that this won’t be Taken 2, even though it’s very close to the formula. Frank Baldwin wrote the script.

Let’s hope that this turns out to be as strong as Taken (Filmstalker review), but doesn’t steal the way for a sequel/prequel to Taken itself, I’d love to see Neeson play that role again.



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