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Outpost sequel in development

Outpost.jpgApparently there's a sequel to Outpost in development, and the team behind it, Kieran Parker, Rae Brunton and Steve Barker are hard at work on it right now.

For those of you who don't remember, the film was written by Rae Brunton (I don't think Rae's a relation of mine!) and directed by Steve Barker and tells the story of a group of mercenaries who arrive in a World War II bunker to find that the results of the terrible Nazi experiments are still there, alive, and after them.

Let's look into the Outpost story a little more than the opening blurb, it tells the story of a group of mercenaries gathered in Eastern Europe who are hired to escort someone to an old Wolrd War II bunker. Not so difficult, except the bunker is in no man's land in the middle of a war zone.

Once they arrive there they discover that the bunker was the scene of some terrifying Nazi experiments, the results of which are still alive in the bunker to this day.

The mercenaries enter the complex and find that they are trapped there with something that is killing them off one by one, and the only truth to be had is from the man who hired them, the bunker itself, and whoever or whatever is killing them.

The film was lead by Ray Stevenson and has received some mixed reviews. However it looks like there was enough of a fan base to continue with a sequel, and Quiet Earth has the tip off that they are hard at work on it already.

I still haven't seen the film, which is slightly annoying since there's a lot of Scottish based talent behind the scenes, but I'm hopeful I'll still get to, and perhaps there's mileage in a sequel? Who's seen the first and can comment on if there's a need or desire for one?



I saw it last night, It is a very Graphic and suspenseful movie. The ending did leave room for a squeal, but I'm afraid it could be like the Texas Chainsaw massacre and be repetitive


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