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Paper Heart trailer online

PaperHeart.jpgPaper Heart is a film that has me a little confused, part documentary, part traditional storytelling, it doesn't really seem to know if it's real or not, and neither do we, but the very fact it could be real is the interesting thing.

It's the story of a documentary film-making team which focuses on the lead film-maker Charlyne Yi who does not believe in love. She takes a documentary team across America to find out what love is to different people and what it means to all. However she didn't bank on her new found relationship becoming part of the film.

On her quest to understand love through the people Charlyne Yi talks to from children to scientists, she meets a young man, Michael Cera, and they begin to bond. The documentary team realise that this too needs to be part of the film as it's extremely relevant, and so they film their relationship beginning.

Now the documentary takes a different path, she has to discover what love is about so she can really experience it with this man that she's found, otherwise she might risk losing him. Actually I don't get that last bit but that's what's in the blurb, probably there to add some tension.

That aside, the story does look interesting, and the fact that they try to lose the documentary team to have some time by themselves is fun. However the fact that they seem to be playing themselves in a documentary is rather confusing, and you might wonder what's true and what's not.

Have a look at the trailer for Paper Heart for yourself and see what you think. I think it looks charming and rather attractive, and might just prove to be a little hit.



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