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Rian Johnson talks Looper

RianJohnson.jpgRian Johnson has been talking about his next film, a science fiction film called Looper, and although he's still focused on delivering Brothers Bloom, he's giving us a few titbits about the science fiction film he's planning.

There's some interesting comments as well, he compares it to Terminator for the set-up, and from there who knows?

I still talk about Brick (Filmstalker review) and recommend it, I think it's a superb film with bags of style, and the thought of that kind of creativity being turned to science fiction has me hungry for more, except I don't think he's going to give us it.

He has been talking about Looper through /Film and Total Film, and he reveals that it's going to be violent, dark, and reflect some of the problems we have in today's society, and then there's that comment about Terminator.

Rian Johnson said of Looper that it's...

“...a huge financial collapse of some sort...really violent and dark.”

However what it's not going to be is chock full of gadgets. It's not going to be technology crazy and looks like it'll focus on the characters and the relationships.

“It's not like Minority Report, we’re not dealing with a ton of crazy technology. And the time travel aspect of it is similar to the way time travel is used in the first Terminator, where it's part of the setup but it’s not a part of the ongoing story...

...The point of this is to tell a story and keep people watching. So it becomes a balance of narrative vs. information.”

So the technology and science side of it is going to be light, and it is going to be more about the story, something you'd expect from Rian Johnson to be honest. Talking about the story he reveals a little more about that time travel plot and the Terminator comparison.

“They travel backwards but, like I said, the first Terminator thing is very apt. An element has travelled back from the future, but our entire story takes place in our 'present day,' which is 30 years from now.”

This is starting to sound intriguing, okay only really because of what Johnson has already delivered, there's not too much to go on with the description.



Sounds interesting. I think Rian Johnson is a great filmmaker.


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