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Rodriguez confirms Predators and Machette

Predator.jpgI wrote about the rumour of Robert Rodriguez restarting the Predator franchise back in January, and there we heard some very disturbing news about the direction of the franchise and how it was totally missing the point and strength of the original. Well confirmation that he's on the film has confirmed that he is making it, and that they're still missing the point.

Also it's confirmed that we're going to see his film Machette come to life with Danny Trejo starring in the lead role.

Back in January the comment about the film was this:

"In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters."

That was when I pretty much lost faith in the idea. Instead of going back to the original and what made it so strong, i.e. it was a single creature fighting against a small team and whittling them down to one man for a battle of strength, wit and determination, it seems as though they've looked at the Alien vs Predator model and just stripped out the Aliens.

This sounds more like a remake of Predator 2 than anything else. Billed as a restart of the franchise, it definitely is not a remake of Predator.

Robert Rodriguez has already completed the script and the project is moving forward, Variety even says that despite the sequel to Predator not being a hit, Fox has "kept the alien sharp" with the AvP films - what version of the films have they been watching?

Also lined up for Rodriguez is Machette starring Danny Trejo, adapted from the fake trailer that we saw as part of the Grindhouse double bill. The idea is that Trejo plays a man who is extremely handy with knives and who use to be a Mexican ex-Federale, now hiding out as an everyday worker. However he reveals his true self when he's double crossed by a corrupt senator, as you would be working as a day labourer.

Well there's no mention of Sin City 2 in the article. I think that film is destined to drag on forever, or perhaps everything else will be put on hold should it suddenly find a buyer who wants to make it after all this time.



I am a pretty big Rodriguez fan and as much as I wouldn't mind seeing him making a Predator movie... why does it have to be a reboot. Why can't he just make a sequel? Why the hell are they rebooting everything under the sun these days. Sure it worked for Batman but it isn't going to work for everything.

That being said... YAY for Machete. That is what I want to see.

Well technically this isn't a reboot if it's called Predators, it's probably more like a branching off from AvP, not that I'm defending it at all, whatever it is they technically are restarting the Predator franchise even if the story isn't.

I'm a huge fan of the original film and none of them ave lived up to the original since. I can't see that changing with this multiple story.


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