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Roger Rabbit sequel?

RogerRabbit.jpgIs there really going to be a Roger Rabbit sequel? Well Robert Zemeckis has dropped the comment that he has Roger Rabbit inside his thoughts right now, along with several ideas of how to get the character onto the screen with more modern tools.

Of course that's far away from seeing a film move into pre-production even, but the thought is there and it's from the creator himself, and also someone who could carry the weight to get the project started.

Speaking about totally unrelated matters he was asked what he was working on and what was in the near future, and he replied to MTV in the most surprising manner.

"I’ll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability—the digital tools, performance capture—I’m starting to think about Roger Rabbit..."

Bam! Did that just hit you as hard as it did me? Well, not that hard since the title and the opening already mention it, but still, that's a big surprise that came out of next to nowhere for me.

Of course there have been long running rumours about another film, but nothing more concrete than that, rumours. Now though Robert Zemeckis himself has been talking about the possibility.

However that's all he said, and he wouldn't give any more details, indeed he said:

"I can’t give you more details..."

Well we shouldn't read too much into it as he probably wasn't being hugely careful about his intended meaning and grammar, or perhaps he was, for "I can't" sounds a lot different to "I won't". In a way the first comment implies that he's not allowed to say anything about it, and that there are other people and/or other factors involved. Now that would mean much more than just an idea running through his head.

Since he made Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988 he's directed some great films, and there's no doubt that his ability hasn't faded from that great fun character and story, however there is something that might cast a dark shadow over the idea, motion capture.

He seems to love motion capture, and looking at the films he's made in that style it's not as though they've been runaway successes, and The Polar Express just turned out looking plain creepy for me in places, would that really work with Roger Rabbit?

Well the effect has moved on from those days, and Beowulf looked very good for it, I just don't think it suited the entire film being that way, and that's why I'm now beginning to think that a Roger Rabbit film with modern motion capture might work, because with real characters and some real environments around, it would give it some grounding in reality.

What do you think? Is there room for a Roger Rabbit sequel? Could we revisit Toon Town once again, this time with an even sexier looking Jessica Rabbit?



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