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Schwarzenegger reveals Terminator Salvation role

Terminator.jpgArnold Schwarzenegger has revealed what his role is in Terminator Salvation, how big the part will be and what he'll be doing on set, much more than that he's revealed what the original Terminator from the first film will be doing in McG's film.

The cameo actually sounds rather good and once again Schwarzenegger says that this is lining him up well for appearances later on in the series, should he return to acting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been talking about his role already, and it's not great secret since McG has been in the past too, but it's all been if the computer animation works out and they manage to get the character on screen, from almost the moment McG started talking about his role we knew that it was going to be a computer generated image and not Arnie rumbling around in his old style again.

McG confirmed it, then yesterday finally Arnie confirmed it, but we still weren't sure it was really going to happen, there still seemed to be doubt about the computer effects and if ILM could pull it together.

If the articles today are true then the cameo is done, and perhaps dusted too. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, he's in a brief scene and it ties in with a shot that we've already seen in photos and clips of Terminator Salvation.

Now, this could be deemed as a spoiler so I'm giving you some warning to look away now. Hit the Front Page if you need to and get away from the story, but for all those wanting to know here goes. Personally I think this is far from a spoiler, but some of you might think so.

According to Variety, who cite their source as a webcast but don't say who or where it was hosted, Schwarzenegger revealed that he's in the film and that the scene is very brief.

They've used an old body mould that was from one of the previous films to create his body, and it may have also included his face from today all woven together. The article isn't entirely clear on whether they've used a facial representation from the first films or if they've scanned his face for this one, either way he's in it.

That said the scene sounds rather simple and short. AICN through HorrorMovies.ca have a little explanation:

“It’s terrific because they basically take technology out of Terminator 1 and use that walk of mine, and somehow bring it in… it’s just a brief scene, where we see one of the leads run into a room and he sees the future terminators because it’s kind of a prequel… then he gets thrown around, then he goes in another room and there’s other terminators, so there’s supposed to be all these new terminators. I think it’s cool to continue on with the franchise, and in case I want to jump over again and get into the acting when we’re through here.”

Now I think that ties in with the clips and pictures we've seen of Christian Bale as John Connor coming face to face with the old favourite endo-skeletons, the T-800's. He looks pretty beat up at this point, so are we seeing Bale in a room of skin covered T-800's looking like Arnie who beat him up a little and throw him into the room with all the endo-skeletons?

Well that sounds great to me and I'm up for it, however can we really see him returning to the role in the future looking the age he does? Well I guess there was a big age difference from the first to second film. Has he aged that much?



I think he has aged quite a bit, especially since Terminator 3. This politics lark has made him look tired and worn out, which of course is understandable. However, I would always love to see my old screen hero back on the screen and this news have got me even more excited about this film that seems to be taking it's time with it's release. Only a couple of weeks now!!


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