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Scott's Robin Hood being rewritten

RobinHood.jpgYes I know that Robin Hood is being filmed as we speak, but that isn't stopping a new writer being hired and all of Russell Crowe's dialogue being rewritten, if rumour is to be believed.

Apparently Tom Stoppard has been taken on to do a huge rewrite of the script while it's being filmed, and that adds another script to the quiver of versions over Robin Hood's shoulder.

It seems though that filming isn't stopping and there's the suggestion that the rewrite is almost a complete once.

The rumour comes from Showbiz411 through /Film. Showbiz411 is Roger Friedman's new outlet. Who's Roger Friedman you might ask? Well he's the man who reviewed the unfinished print of Wolverine that was leaked on the Internet and was, unsurprisingly, sacked from Variety for doing so. Now he's started his own site and has the inside gossip from Robin Hood...allegedly.

Tom Stoppard is rewriting the script that is currently being filmed by Ridley Scott, the script that Brian Helgeland had completed. It marks another rewrite of the script and another bunch of money handed over on the project, a project that is currently filming – have I said that already?

I find it strange that the entire script is being rewritten as they film, although the suggestion up front is that the rewrite is actually for Russell Crowe's dialogue which would make much more sense.

Tom Stoppard is a great playwright and screenwriter, how about Brazil, Empire of the Sun, The Russia House, Shakespeare in Love for some examples, so I don't think you could view this as a bad thing, however it does seem a bit close to filming it all doesn't it?



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