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Second Downloading Nancy trailer online

MariaBello.jpgThere's a new trailer for Downloading Nancy online, that's the film that tells the story of a woman who is so unhappy with her marriage and life that she decides to kill herself, but she doesn't have the cowardice to even do it so she meets a stranger on the internet and online they build a strange and disconcerting relationship.

When they finally meet the relationship grows and becomes even more perverse and destructive, and all the while her husband is trying to track her down through a single note and access to her computer.

Downloading Nancy looks really interesting and mainly because of that great line up of cast in Maria Bello, who plays the woman disillusioned with her life and on a downwards spiral, Jason Patric as the man she meets who's willing to get the job done, Rufus Sewell who plays her husband and Amy Brenneman her therapist.

The trailer, as the first one did, makes the film look very powerful, but also extremely intimate towards the characters and their relationships. What's more it suggest some split time line story telling going on which is always interesting when carried off well.

I'm liking these trailers and I'm hoping that the film is going to live up to it. Did you know that it's based on true events?

You can see this new trailer over on Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] or you can see it below in Flash format. The problem with the video below though is that it wasn't showing earlier on, but I've included it in case it does start working.

As a comparison you can always see the first trailer right here which is more violent and disturbing than this one which suggests a much more intimate and emotional film.



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