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Set visit for The Crazies reveals plot

TheCrazies_Poster.jpgThere's been a set visit on the Breck Eisner directed “re-imagining” of the much loved horror film The Crazies, and what I'm surprised to find while reading it is that I'm getting interested and that Eisner and his cast are indeed winning me over.

This new film begins in the same place that The Crazies did, but supposedly then takes off in a slightly different direction, and from what we're hearing about the effects of this virus that hits the townspeople, it certainly is a different direction.

From the beginnings of the film a mysterious virus is released into the air and infects the local townspeople. The military immediately move in and cordon off the town, picking the infected up and taking them to internment camps.

Sounds fine so far, but what happens then appears to be different as we hear about what the infections mean to people. Breck Eisner takes time out to explain to Bloody Disgusting what happens to those infected:

“There are five stages of The Crazies...The first is before anything happens, the fifth is when you’re dead. The second stage is a performance-based craziness which is somebody you know acting differently but not looking differently at all. The next two stages are various levels of physical differences.”

The virus effects in The Crazies come from studying viruses such as Ebola, Rabies and Tetanus and compressing the time frame of their lifespan to around twelve hours. Make-up designer Robert Hall is quick to point out what it will not be though.

“There's been a really conscious effort to steer clear of [QUARANTINE] and to steer clear of zombies...Our guys, they're full of this virus. They're almost like they're the opposite of dead. There's too much life in them so they're like bursting at the seams. Their faces are red and there are blood blisters and veins and they're very vascular.”

Timothy Olyphant was suitably impressed.

“It’s really horrific looking. They are strained looking. Their bodies are kind of arched and their veins are popping out and their blood vessels are popping. Their eyes are kind of blood [shot].”

Well I think we've covered what the virus will look like, real, heightened, and pretty damn disgusting, but what effect will it have on those infected? If we're not talking zombies, what are we looking at? Well Eisner is keen to describe it using a small sub plot.

“There are these hunter characters, for example, who we meet when they are in the act of actually hunting and they stumble on a plot point. Those hunters will come back in the movie infected. It’s not a zombie movie, it doesn’t turn them into creatures of a certain agenda. You maintain your identity to a degree or your drive or your persona. It just becomes extremely heightened and focused to a point of almost absurdity.”

Well that has me interested. Basically he's saying that the virus gets into you and, not only changes your appearance and makes you more aggressive, but also increases whatever skills and ability you had before, so I guess if I was a body builder then after infection I might balloon up and have a much bigger strength.

There's a lot to the set report on Bloody Disgusting and I would recommend heading over there, but it's the closing words of Eisner that give me the most hope.

“We’re not shying away from blood and blood hits. Its visceral, but I wanted a real quality to it. It’s horrific and graphic.”

Tie that in with the similar opening, the different take on what the virus will do to people, and the fact that we have Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell in leads, and I think we might see something rather good come out of the remake of The Crazies.



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