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Sex and the City 2 gets big

ChrisNoth.jpgIt looks like Sex and the City 2 is a definite as Chris Noth, aka Mr Big, is signed on for the film. There's also news of two new signings for the film, Evan Handler and David Eigenger, as well as the ladies who are reportedly already signed and sealed for the sequel.

While this might be exciting for most I can't see what there is left to say. We've already seen the series repeated as Mr Big and Carrie are together, get split up, and get back together again, just like the end of the last series.

Now we're going to get a new film and the question is, what will happen to Big and Carrie now? Are they set for more breaking up and getting back together, or will there be some tension between them about the pitter-patter of tiny feet?

I thought it was starting to seem a little convoluted, but the announcement of Chris Noth's signing from Variety through Coming Soon is just reeking of wringing every single penny out of the idea and trudging the same old ground with a slightly different premise.

I may not be interested in it, but are you? Is there a need for another Sex and the City film after all this time and ground covered? Is there anything left to see?



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