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Sin City 2 saved?

SinCity_Poster.jpgHas Sin City 2 been saved from a fate worse than death? It seems that the film has been sitting struggling under the hands of the Weinstein Company, but now it has a big chance to move forward as the Weinstein Company appear to have lost control of the film.

It seems that the rights to the film have been lost and another investment group have the rights to develop the Sin City sequel, finally.

What will be interesting to see is if the thing that was holding back Sin City 2 was in fact the studio and not the people behind the film, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.

IESB have the inside word that the rights to the film have lapsed and that with the track record the Weinstein Company have for limiting the releases of a number of its films and fighting over the final cuts, perhaps this is good news.

I have to hope that this does give the project new life and that Rodriguez and Miller get themselves together and move forward with this film, because if the Weinstein Company isn't the real reason then there's still no hope for Sin City 2, even with the new people backing the film.

Oh, and what about the rumours of Sin City 3?



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