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Sin City 2 up for sale for real?

SinCity_Poster.jpgWe've already heard that the rights for Sin City 2 had lapsed with the Weinstein's and Dimension and that an alternative buyer was being sought, but then suddenly that was clamped shut by the companies who said that they still owned the rights and firmly sat down on the film again. Perhaps, just to keep rumour going while nothing was done yet again on the film, they put out that old Angelina Jolie rumour again.

Well now it seems that the rights for the film are being shopped around Hollywood and that the Weinstein's and Dimension are indeed about to lose the film.

Producers have been telling The Hollywood Reporter that the film has been shopped around by representatives for Frank Miller's estate (no that doesn't mean he's dead!), and the speculation is that this might be looking for a buyer just before the rights lapse with the previous companies.

Of course expect a statement to come out from the Weinstein's lawyers immediately saying that this is rubbish and another rumour of Angelina Jolie or some other big star in talks on the film to come out, when obviously nothing is happening with the sequel.

I don't really know who's to blame but if it gets delayed too much longer no one will want to see it, and another Sin City film isn't going to have the same impact as it did.

I'm still holding out hope for a Sin City 2, but I think they've definitely missed the sweet spot in terms of audience anticipation and cash returns. I think anything they do now is going to have to be hyped from the beginning again and really have something different, not just more of the same, after all we've seen that a number of times now in other films.



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