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Sinbad remake in trouble?

Sinbad.jpgI've just read some comments from the director of the new Sinbad film that made me despair, and I'm now wondering if the new version of Sinbad is going to turn out anything other than the usual Hollywood rubbish.

Adam Shankman is the latest director to have the task of bringing back to life Sinbad, the character made famous by Ray Harryhausen's superb stop motion effects and films. Now though, it looks like those memories are going to go.

The new Sinbad was going to be made by Rob Cohen with Keanu Reeves in the lead role, and that had me quaking in my boots for the memory of those Sinbad films I loved. Now though the mantle has passed, Reeves is out, as is Cohen, and there's a new director on board, Adam Shankman.

Shankman is the director behind Hairspray, Hairspray 2, Prop 8: The Musical and The Pacifier, and now the restart of Sinbad.

If that wasn't enough to make you think twice about the film then let's have a look at what he's been saying. Let's start off easy, over at SciFi Wire he says:

“It is the Sinbad that Keanu Reeves was going to do, but it's not at this point, to my knowledge, him.”

Okay, that's interesting, it's the same story, just not Reeves, or not to his knowledge anyway. He does suggest, in a round about way, that there's not going to be a big name cast in the role of Sinbad. That's not the big news though. When asked if there would be some value in including some of the Harryhausen style he says:

“There might be. Not the way this script is written. If you go back and watch the Harryhausen movies, they are fun, but they're not good. You know what I mean? They're fun, and they're famous because of that initial work, but the Cyclops looks like Play-Doh. This is a $175 million movie, I think, so I don't think we're going for Play-Doh.”

Ouch. That may well be the case, although to be honest it doesn't look like play-doh it's much better than that, but you are seriously missing the point about these films and the time they were made.

Well that's bad enough quite frankly, saying that the original was just a poor film with a bunch of play-doh effects, but he apparently talks about the possibility of adding a Bollywood musical scene into Sinbad and he says:

“I want to add a scene like that in Sinbad, because that period of all of that can really hold it in the color.”

Okay, you can write off the film there and then. Ray Harryhausen is making poor films with play-doh monsters and the new Sinbad needs Bollywood musical numbers? Enough said.



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