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Snyder discuss 300 sequel plot

ZackSnyder.jpgI never really had my heart set on a 300 (Filmstalker review) sequel, I thought that the original was really good and the talk of a sequel being written by Frank Miller was nothing more than typical talk after a film does well, and with him being so focussed on other projects we might never really see it come to life.

Now while that still may be true, Zack Snyder is a bit more hopeful and has even revealed where the story for 300 would go, and it's not a prequel, this one is most definitely a sequel.

We actually already heard this way back in October of last year when Zack Snyder said that he would definitely direct a sequel to 300 (Filmstalker review) if Frank Miller wrote it. In fact he said that it was moving along and that as soon as Miller is finished writing the graphic novel they will begin writing the script, now that sounds like something much more concrete than he's saying here today.

While back then he revealed a little about the plot time line, we get to hear just a few comments more about it.

“Frank is definitely working on an idea...If Frank comes up with a great idea and draws something cool, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t make another movie.”

Yeah, those comments from MTV don't sound as concrete as the last time we heard him talking about it, but it's still hopeful. They also reveal a little more about that plot.

At the end of the film we skip forward a year to see the Spartans take arms against the Persians once again, but between that time there was an equally as important battle but this one at sea, when the Athenian navy defeated another huge Persian force in the battle of Salamis, all before that final scene from the first film.

So the real question is would you want to see another 300 film? One thing to bear in mind is that this would be a sea battle and so the fighting would be much different to the small force fighting the large land battles that we saw in the original, and that could make for something different on screen. What do you think?



Does writing a graphic novel on a historical theme give the author right to write revision history? The movie 300 was not only a butchery of the real epic tale but it is typical of Hollywood’s ignorance about history. Based on primary sources and secondary sources with a little fiction to fill in the cracks this could have been a great movie. Troy was just as pathetic and while I really like Gladiator it was also a total twist of history. What’s next a graphic novel about the fall of Constnatinople 1453 with the Sultan Mehmed using machine guns? Why not Hollywood is great at twisting the historic facts. Actually, I am still editing my fictional account about Constantinople 1453 but I took the time to make sure it was accurate based on primary sources.
Mike H
MA - Cultural History Eastern Washington U.

Don't you feel it's okay to rewrite history for a story if it's clearly stated as such and well enough away from historical fact?

I hate it more when a story states it's all about the historical fact and then twists something major, such as U-571, surely that's far worse than 300?


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