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Sounds Like Teen Spirit trailer online

SoundsLikeTeenSpirit.jpgThe trailer for Sounds Like teen Spirit has arrived online, and what's that about you might ask? Well let me tell you, it's a documentary about, of all things, a competition you probably didn't know existed, a competition that spans seventeen countries, and a competition that isn't for adults.

Junior Eurovision is just that, the Eurovision song contest for the younger stars, and it seems to get as much hype and passion across Europe as the adult version does, in fact looking at some of the footage you might be forgiven for thinking it's more loved.

What you might also be forgiven for is thinking that the film is rather light hearted and doesn't have much depth, something I'm hearing is the exact opposite, that it does delve into some of the kids lives and the trials they face. Just listen to one girl in the trailer say that the reason her Dad isn't there to see her is because he loves her. I don't know about you but that was quite a sad moment.

Sounds Like Teen Spirit looks like it could be quite poignant, amusing and entertaining as the film-maker Jamie Jay Johnson follows a number of children as they head through the competition.



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