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Stalked: Aaron Eckhart, Sex and the City 2, Inception, The Losers

Aaron Eckhart and Nicole Kidman are in Rabbit Hole.

Sex and the City 2 is coming next year.

Three cast members could be joining Inception.

And The Losers have two more, well losers.

Aaron Eckhart is close to agreeing to star with Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole. Kidman agreed to star almost two years ago, in the adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire's play. The plot has the two playing a happily married couple whose 4 year old son is killed in a traffic accident. Unsurprisingly then find it difficult to keep going. The news is from Variety.

A little while ago Sarah Jessica Parker was a little non committal on Sex and the City 2. They obviously think they have a good enough story now, as a release date has been set. Variety say that Sex and the City 2 will be released on May 28th 2010.

Leonardo diCaprio could be getting some company on the set of Inception. Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page are all in discussions about joining Christopher Nolan's film. And still all we know about it is that it is a modern sci-fi thriller set "within the architecture of the mind." The news comes from Variety.

Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana look like being the next Losers cast. Jeffery Dean Morgan is already starring in the comic book adaptation. In it a special forces team is betrayed and left for dead, they then regroup and head for revenge. I'm just about to start reading the comic book so not bad timing. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.



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