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Stalked: Big casting for Robin Hood, Inception, Beat the Reaper, Stone, Piranha 3D, Nightmare on Elm Street, Bobbie Sue and Barney's Version

There's a bunch of new casting for Robin Hood, Inception, Beat the Reaper, Stone, Piranha 3D, Nightmare on Elm Street, Bobbie Sue and Barney's Version, and all of them pretty big names this week.

Rather than race through them all in the blurb, let's just get to them.

Matthew Macfadyen is joining Robin Hood, the new film from Ridley Scott starring as the Sheriff of Nottingham playing alongside Russell Crowe. The news comes from Topix.net through Digital Spy who, as always, don't give a link to the story source.

Update: Thanks to Kathy, the Editor for Matthew Macfadyen news from Topix, who sent over the link for the source story from .

Michael Caine and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are joining Christopher Nolan's Inception alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy. DiCaprio plays the CEO with Gordon-Levitt playing an associate, a role to be played by James Franco who left over scheduling conflicts. Cotillard plays DiCaprio's character's wife, and Page is playing a college graduate and the sidekick of DiCaprio's character.

What makes this particularly interesting is the story that it's a science fiction film that is “set within the architecture of the mind”, strange indeed. The casting news comes from The Hollywood Reporter and Coming Soon.

Leonardo DiCaprio could well take the lead in a film adaptation of the Josh Bazell novel Beat the Reaper which Brian Koppelman and David Levien are set to adapt. The story is about a Manhattan emergency room doctor who is recognised by a mobster for his previous job, as a hitman. It comes through Variety.

Robert De Niro and Edward Norton are set to star in John Curran's Stone which is based on the play by Angus MacLachlan according to Production Weekly through Coming Soon.

Richard Dreyfuss has signed up to star in Alex Aja's remake of Piranha in his Piranha 3D, according to /Film, he joins Adam Scott, Ving Rhames and Elizabeth Shue. Who would have thought that the 3D remake of a eighties horror film around little flesh eating fish would gather such a big cast?

A Nightmare on Elm Street has just gained a few new cast members according to The Hollywood Reporter. Kellan Lutz, Thomas Dekker and Rooney Mara are the new names joining Kyle Gallner as the victims of of the new Freddy Krueger, Jackie Early Haley. Can't say any of these names other than Haley are sounding that interesting.

The captivating Cameron Diaz is in talks to star in Bobbie Sue, a legal comedy which follows a female ambulance chasing lawyer who is the ideal candidate to be the face of a prestigious law firm when a powerful client is sued in a sexual discrimination case. The story comes from Variety and tells us that it's based on a speculative script which is being worked on as negotiations continue.

Paul Giamatti is to lead Barney's Version which, according to Variety, is based on Mordecai Richler's last novel. Richard J. Lewis is directing from an adaptation by Michael Konyves. The story sees Giamatti's character leading a reckless life with three marriages, two children and a possible suspect in the disappearance of a close friend.

Elizabeth Banks is to star and producer Forever 21 according to The Hollywood Reporter but then don't say anything much else about it, frankly it sounds like another bad body swap comedy.



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