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Stalked: Clash of the Titans, David O. Russell, Michael Caine

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are in Clash of the Titans.

David O. Russell is trying out romantic comedies.

And Michael Caine could be in Inception.

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are joining the cast of Clash of the Titans. Neeson will play king of the gods Zeus. Fiennes will play Hades, ruler of the underworld who is plotting to overthrow Zeus. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.

David O. Russell is trying on a romantic comedy for size. He is to direct Aaron and Sarah. The comedy is about two students, one popular and one nerdy who meet in high school. Over the years at school they become friends and eventually fall in love. The news is from Variety.

And Michael Caine could have a part in Christopher Nolan's Inception. Having also starred in The Dark Knight, Cillian Murphy was cast in Nolan's next film. And Caine says he expects to know this week if he will also be teaming up with Nolan again. Leonardo diCaprio is starring in the film already. The news is from MTV Movies Blog.



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