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Stalked: Mann and Foxx together again, Reeves in Passengers, The Phantom cast

Michael Mann and Jamie Foxx may be back together again in Damage Control...

Keanu Reeves is starring in science fiction film The Passengers...

The Phantom looks to be cast...

Michael Mann and Jamie Foxx may be back together again in Damage Control, a film that has been talked about just soon after Miami Vice was finished with. Nothing much has been heard from it for some time, but Jamie Foxx says to MTV that the film is still on the go and that Michael Mann will be directing. The film will see Foxx playing a publicist/spin doctor who deals specifically with sports stars who have fallen by the wayside.

Keanu Reeves is starring in science fiction film The Passengers which tells the story of a deep space transporter taking humans to a planet in order to colonise it that suffers a computer malfunction, waking up one of the crew. Who else would that be but Keanu Reeves' character. Unfortunately he can't get back to deep sleep so he decides to wake up another passenger, a woman, to keep him company on the long journey, a journey that will see him die long before the ship arrives at the planet. As QuietEarth say, she'd be well chuffed to be awoken and destined to die with him.

The Phantom looks to be cast and the one behind the non-purple lycra is Ryan Carnes according to The Hollywood Reporter through SuperHeroHype. They also reveal that Isabella Rossellini will play the character of Lithia, who is running a mind-control experiment, and Cameron Goodman and Sandrine Holt will also star. It's clear that this version of The Phantom aka The Phantom Legacy is not going to be as big intentioned as the previous, mind you SciFi are more interested in kick starting a new series rather than creating a stand alone big budget film.



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