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Stalked: New films for Brad Anderson, Marcus Nispel and Rob Cohen

There's some news on the new films for a couple of directors, Brad Anderson has Vanishing on 7th Street, previously The Darkness, Marcus Nispel has an interesting thriller called Pacemaker, and Rob Cohen is going to comedy in Park Narcs.

A nice mixed bag there. Here are the details.

Brad Anderson is set to begin working on Vanishing on 7th Street, which was previously called The Darkness and follows a group of survivors of a blackout where most of the population have disappeared. The darkness is returning and claiming them one by one, and the survivors have to stay alive. The story comes from Bloody Disgusting. There's news on the casting too, John Leguizamo and Thandie Newton are set to star.

Marcus Nispel is to direct a thriller called Pacemaker written by Lars Jacobson which, typically genre-holing, has been described as Crank (Filmstalker review) meets Taken (Filmstalker review). The story from Production Weekly through Coming Soon sounds like a riot.

Rob Cohen is set to direct Park Narcs, a comedy written by Jacob Isser and Paul Lutz which tells the story of a college freshman who takes up a job as a park ranger at a lake notorious for hard partying just after being dumped by his girlfriend. A senator tries to end the fun but the rangers gather together to stop him. The Hollywood Reporter has the news that sounds like a decidedly less than exciting project for Cohen, although he sounds excited to be delivering something along the lines of Meatballs or Better of Dead.



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