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Stalked: Zac Efron, Date Night, Never Let Me Go, Piranha

Zac Efron is Johnny Quest.

Mark Wahlberg and James Franco are on Date Night.

Charlotte Rampling and Sally Hawkins are in Never Let Me Go.

And Elisabeth Shue has trouble with Piranhas.

Zac Efron has been confirmed as playing Johnny Quest in the film version of the cartoon. His name was rumoured a while back. But the news from Collider is that he will definitely be playing the lead. Seems they are casting Johnny Quest as a bit older than in the cartoon, and they might not call it Johnny Quest at all. Something to do with the less than expected fanfare around Speed Racer.

Mark Wahlberg and James Franco have agreed to join the cast of Date Night. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, are starring as a couple whose date night goes pear shaped. Wahlberg is playing a securities expert who flirts with Fey's character, and Franco plays an inept conman. The news is from Variety.

Charlotte Rampling and Sally Hawkins are joining Never Let Me Go, which is already starring Keira Knightley. Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield play three students who grow up at an English boarding school. As young adults though they find out they may have a future awaiting them that they didn't expect. The news comes from Variety.

Elisabeth Shue will have some killer fish to deal with. She has been confirmed as starring in the remake of Piranha. Piranha 3D will be directed by Alexandre Aja, and will be released in March next year. Variety say Shue will play a small town sheriff who is trying to save the town's lake and her family from the hungry fish. Isn't it kind of like Daleks, dry land and you're safe?



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