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Stallone, Richards, Routh in Bollywood film

DeniseRichards.jpgSylvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Brandon Routh and Holly Valance are appearing in the Bollywood film Kambakkht Ishq. However they are only cameos, despite that Stallone opens the trailer and has a nice closing scene too. They aren't the leads though.

Akshay Kumar plays a Hollywood stuntman and Kareena Kapoor a supermodel, and when they meet there are sparks galore, just not the right kind of sparks, however it looks like in typical film style that they'll fall for each other regardless.

According to IMDB Carmen Electra and even Arnold Schwarzenegger are appearing in the film, although you would think if Arnie was there they would use some promotional shots of him too, instead we have Sylvester Stallone, and his appearances are rather cool and lend a lot to the film I'm sure.

The trailer for Kambakkht Ishq appears through Twitch, and you can see it right here. Check Sylvester Stallone's great look to camera after his action sequence at the end, and then his Indian line delivery.



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