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Statham in remake of Bronson's Mechanic

CharlesBronson.jpgJason Statham has been linked with a remake of the Charles Bronson film The Mechanic, not the Dolph Lundgren film The Mechanik. This one tells the story of a hitman who is getting too old and wants out of his profession and in the course he takes on a young apprentice who is working up to be a professional killer.

It soon becomes clear though that someone wants them both dead, and that the young killer is far from what he seemed originally. I should think that Statham would be playing the young assassin, a role originally played by Jan-Michael Vincent.

Although I'm a little tired of seeing Jason Statham in action roles and would love to see him doing more films akin to The Bank Job (Filmstalker review), I think this sounds rather interesting, but who would play the elderly hitman? Jan-Michael Vincent?

The original comes from way back in 1972 and Production Weekly through Coming Soon has the news that Simon West is in talks to direct the film, whereas the original was directed by Michael Winner.

I have to say that this sounds an interesting match, for if we were thinking of a modern day Charles Bronson actor then Jason Statham is definitely a strong British version, and I could see a whole string of remakes after this.

My only concern is that Jason Statham could be thinking about a little diversification. I would say that he's upping his ante in the films he's choosing, but it's still firmly routed in the action realm.

What do you think? Of course aside from Statham there's the possibility that Simon West could direct the film, think Con Air, The General's Daughter and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and then not much since. Still those three titles say suspense and action well enough don't they?



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