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Tell No One remake

TellNoOne.jpgNe le dis à personne, otherwise known as Tell No One (Filmstalker review), is set for a U.S. remake since the film was so good and American audiences don't seem to generally read subtitles during a film, because frankly that's the only reason I can see for remaking it.

Oh actually, there is another reason, to make the ending a little sharper, but we all know that the Hollywood version will include bigger action, dumbing down, and the Bourne camera work.

The story is out today that Miramax and Focus Features International have bought the rights to the remake of the French film which was itself adapted from Harlan Coben's (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) English language novel.

The film follows the story of a Doctor who is still struggling with the death of his wife but is just managing to get on with his despite the pain and constant memories. Events take a strange turn and he begins to think that she's alive and he'll use any means he can to find out if she really is and where she is.

There's no other word in the Variety article about a writer or director, but I do hope that they treat this project with some reverence, and I do hope that you'll see the French version before the remake.



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