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Update: Terminator Salvation adverts online

TerminatorSalvation.jpgThere are four new television adverts, or TV spots, or commercials, that have come online for Terminator Salvation, and we have them right here on Filmstalker.

There are some nice shots in the adverts, some new shots, and a superb shot of the Arnie version of the Terminator, sans skin obviously, grabbing John Connor by the throat and throwing him against the wall.

I have to admit looking at these adverts for Terminator Salvation I'm totally sold, well almost totally, I still am not a fan of the huge robots and the motorcycle robots, I still don't get why the Terminators would build them having already created flying ships and armies of walking Terminators.

However the footage does look great, and each of the adverts has a different feel and focus to them.

First television advert

Second television advert

Third television advert

Fourth television advert

Update: Fifth television advert
This one is pretty much the same as the first television advert but with a few little changes here and there. Nothing to get too excited about.

Update: Even more television adverts online
There are even more television adverts online for Terminator Salvation. Three more to be exact. Try this first one, Join Us. This is interesting because there are two rather interesting shots, one is the huge robot sitting astride a big ship that appears to be flying well above the Earth, perhaps in orbit? The second is a fast shot at the end of something blowing up I just cannot make out, can you?

This is another clip entitled Join Us:

Finally this teaser has more of the T-800 walking about, and some more footage of that huge robot settling down into the big ship. Odd indeed.



I wouldn't give the motorcycles and giant robots too much thought process, man. These clips make it look like we just may get the grittiest and most sci fi grounded episode of the termenator series to date. I think it looks pretty darn sweet.

and i'm not sure if i agree with you in your earlier remarks about the limited usefulness of motorcycle like terminators. if you think about it, motorbikes are the ultimate in offroad transportation. if you were hunting down humans, your main goal would be to create a killbot that could travel roads to get to a region faster than a car, and then veer off the road once the human is forced from their car. as long as the human isn't too creative in where they choose to run, a motorbike could run them down with little effort.

the giant robot, i struggle, like you, to find a use for, unless it's just meant to scare the epic loving crap out of the human populace. But you gotta admit, it looks pretty darn cool.

with McG helming this one, we should just be glad there isn't a giant mechanical spider in all this.

No I still don't get the need for bikes. Why would a logical computer system create them when it already has all the vehicles it needs to fly and walk/run - both of which work in direct line of sight rather than being restricted to man made roads which would be damaged and crowded from the war?

Fly the Terminators somewhere, drop them off, and then kill everything. That would work.

I do get the water ones though, I guess Terminators can't swim!

It's not going to destroy my liking of the film if they've managed to create a fantastic Terminator film, but it will bug me a little. It is jumping on the Transformers wagon just a wee bit.


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