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Terrence Howard playing Macbeth

TerrenceHoward.jpgTerrence Howard is not only looking to play Macbeth in a new adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play, but his production company are the people behind it too. This is great news for Howard's career as it does feel like he's been stuck with the co-star role for too long.

However rather than shoot on location in Scotland, the film is heading to Puerto Rico, which might suggest that he's heading for a complete change of tact for the story.

That seems to be true as the Macbeth Terrence Howard has been talking about is an updated version according to the story.

"I'm about to do Macbeth, which we are producing. We're going to do that this summer…it's updated present time, Caribbean," Howard said. "It'll be a nice thing to see Shakespeare under a Caribbean sun…

…I'm playing Hamlet"

That's a joke according to SciFi Wire who have the Terrence Howard comments. It seems that they are totally updating it and taking it from the bleak and dreary original setting of Scotland and heading to the Caribbean for plenty of sun.

Jokes aside though, that's a great move as it looks like the original story and themes will be pulled in to a complete new and modern take, and that's always an exciting prospect when it comes to Shakespeare I find.

Of course it doesn't always work, but when it does you can get something rather special, see Baz Luhrmann for an example or two, and possibly we'll be able to cite Terrence Howard as one too.



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