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The Expendables gains bad guy and singer

DavidZayas.jpgSylvester Stallone's The Expendables seems to be driving forward with the strong casting. It's just gained Brittany Murphy as the girlfriend to Mickey Rourke's character, and David Zayas as the dictator that they are sent to bring down.

This film casting just gets better and better, and with it starting filming this week, I don't think it's too long before we start seeing decent clips and teasers from it.

The Expendables cast is looking great just now and the first photos from the set look interesting, although only to show that Sylvester Stallone is doing some of his own smaller stunts and that he's looking incredibly fit. Other than that the shots were pretty much nothing exciting.

However this casting news from The Hollywood Reporter is. Brittany Murphy is going to be playing a singer, who is also the girlfriend of Mickey Rourke so that doesn't sound too far from her Sin City role to be fair, but the interesting casting note I like is David Zayas as the dictator that the Expendables are seeking to take out.

You may be wondering who Zayas is, and perhaps the picture has now kick started your memory, and you'll most likely recognise him from Dexter. He's also done a lot of one show appearances on some other big television series, as well as appearing in some big films such as Michael Clayton, The Savages (Filmstalker review), The Path to 9/11, 16 blocks (Filmstalker review) and The Interpreter (Filmstalker review).

He's a good actor, and he sounds like an excellent choice to play the dictator as, even though he's played a lot of good guy roles, there's always a strength and feeling of aggression behind him.

The Expendables is looking better and better don't you think?



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