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The Filmstalker Survey – Have your say

FilmstalkerTitle.jpgFilmstalker's third birthday came and went without too much of a fuss this year, and that's mainly because I've been hugely busy in real life, busy with the site, and busy getting a survey system going so that I can run the first ever Filmstalker Survey and find out what you think of the site.

Now it's done and ready for you to tell me what you think of the site. From the Front Page to the Hub, from the Features through the Reviews to the Comments. This is about you saying what you would like Filmstalker to be, or not to be.

The survey is split into various sections, there's a section about finding out how you access and read the site, the biggest section is about the content from the design of individual pages to the actual articles, a couple of sections on advertising and how you use social networking, and the final one on the future of Filmstalker.

It's all pretty easy, just takes a little bit of your time to complete, and if you do it's going to be a huge help to me and how I'm going to take Filmstalker forward in the future.

I have some ideas already for some new content and ways of doing things, as well as involving you, and there's a back end system change coming which will provide you with a bunch of new features.

However rather than race ahead with what I think you want, I felt it more apt to ask you what you wanted, and hence the Filmstalker Survey.

So, if you could spare me some of your time it would be hugely appreciated. It would definitely help me decide how to spend my spare time on the site and make Filmstalker even better.

Here's the survey link, and thanks again.



Happy 3rd b'day filmstalker!!!

Survey is really good BTW, quick and to the point.

When are the results planned to be published?

Cheers Pablo! You've been quiet for a while.

Thanks for filling in the survey, all the responses will help me work out what to do with the site. Not too sure how long I'll keep the survey running, we'll see how the responses go.

Anything missing from it that I should have asked?

I've done it Richard!

Audiocast and webcast! Yoohoo!!!!

Thanks Simone, and the other people who have already been through it, I really appreciate it.

Of course now I realise I've missed a couple of things, but not matter!

Please keep them coming, and do take the time.

Done! That was a good survey Richard. Hope that the results will help.


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