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The Killer Inside Me saved

TheKillerInsideMe.jpgThe production of The Killer Inside Me was apparently close to collapse this week as there was a huge lack of funding for the film after it lost major financial support. However news this week reveals that it might just have been saved from the rubbish heap and could now be making it's way to cinema.

Why is this such a good thing? Well the novel is good and has an interesting take on a traditional story, it was showing a great cast, and Michael Winterbottom was set to direct the film.

The Killer Inside Me (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is a novel by Jim Thompson which tells the story of a killer living in a small town, controlling his desires and living a normal life while hiding his real persona deep inside him.

The Killer Inside Me is an interesting story, and although I think it could be made much better for the big screen, it has tons of potential, especially when you hear who has been signed up for the film.

Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Bill Pullman, Elias Koteas, Ned Beatty, and let's not forget the director Michael Winterbottom.

That line up of names was all looking in trouble this week as Screen Daily reports that Barbarian Film and Ocean Media had pulled out their funding at the end of last year and that the production team have been frantically trying to find the funding to keep the film afloat. That funding looks like it as arrived as producer Andrew Eaton reveals that Hero Entertainment is about to provide twenty percent of the US $13 million budget.

However, I do hope that they have a script that ups the ante from the novel. It's a great novel that's for sure, but when I read it I felt it could be sharper and contain a few more surprises and much more tension for the reader, and that's something that the film could bring.

Thankfully, now we'll get to see it.



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