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The World Without Us to be filmed

TheWorldWithoutUs.jpgThe World Without Us (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is a book by Alan Wiseman that discusses what would happen to the world should humans just cease to exist, an interesting prospect for the rest of the world and the other creatures that have as much right to the Earth as we do. It follows what would happen all around the world, from the breakdown of our structures and resources flooding the world with pollutants, chemicals and radiation, while nature begins to reclaim the planet. The book is built around scientific fact and conjecture.

Now the studio Fox has picked up the rights to the novel, and while they are going to be transforming it into a film, it's not quite going to be the same as the author had created it.

While the novel doesn't care about how humans ended on the planet, just what happens to the planet afterwards and everything that we leave behind, the film is going to address just what happens to humans and why we all get wiped out, as well as the rise of nature.

Sounds quite interesting, but a little like another disaster film to me, even if we do get to spend time on how nature fights back from the remains of humanity, but there are a couple of names associated with the project that do raise an eyebrow or two, Mark Protosevich and Francis Lawrence.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Protosevich is going to write the story and Lawrence will direct the film. Now that sounds more like I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) than when I just read the blurb.

What I can't see though is how they are going to tackle the part after all the humans are gone. How is that going to be made into anything other than a documentary style film? If that's the case then how is it going to play out? A disaster film for the first half and then a documentary for the second half?

Okay I can see that if they are going to make it work as a complete film then there's going to be survivors, there has to be hasn't there? Some way to connect us with the story, otherwise it does turn into a documentary or a time lapse film. So a few survivors and we are looking at a different take on I Am Legend.



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