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The Worst Case Scenario has happened

WorstCaseScenario_Poster.jpgYes the Worst Case Scenario has happened, or hasn't and never will. You might remember that the film Worst Case Scenario was being publicly touted for some time by the makers in order to try and secure funding, and it was proving a lengthy process.

However the sad news about the Nazi Zombie film that would see them rise from their graves across Europe and begin to fight again, is that it's dead for good and has been for some time. There is good news though, about another horror film from the same brains.

I can't believe it, when I was reading this story about the new film idea from the creative still alive brains behind Worst Case Scenario, I discovered that the original film had been dead for some time, and I mean really dead, like chopped off head and smashed in brains dead.

Now you might be thinking that it isn't such a big deal, but let me point you to the teasers and trailers made for Worst Case Scenario in order to gain funding. Hilarious, ingenious, and scary, not to mention incredibly well filmed:

You can see them over on the official site or directly here and here in Quicktime.

Now come on, those are superb. However it seems that the film was canned when funding proved difficult and two other Nazi zombie films came out. Personally I don't think that should matter a jot because this idea looks superb and has a whole heap of uniqueness pouring out it's ears, but it looks like the distributors think we're bored of the idea. Tell me, after watching those, are you bored of it?

The news comes from the director of the Worst Case Scenario that never was, Richard Raaphorst through Horror.nl, AITH, Bloody Disgusting and finally Twitch (There's proof I credit all my sources!):

“The market for zombie movies is saturated and no distributor is buying them anymore: chances for financing WCS became very small. Also there are two other nazi-zombie flicks out there and as a result of that ours would look like a rip-off.”

Dammit, while Todd over at Twitch might be weeping, I'm actually angry as hell, why aren't the distributors and financiers looking at film clips like this and realising quality? Look at Hollywood churning out pap after pap, 17 Again? How many times have we seen that story?

However there is some good news, Worst Case Scenario is dead but the film-making is not. The dumb idiots in the companies who let these films happen might not like Nazi Zombies but a Frankenstein Army might get through.

“This is still a working title but I think it covers the story nicely. The visual style will be the same as I will direct AoF! WCS can stay what is is, two kick-ass trailers and a great and promising story that never saw the light of day. Mabye someday we’ll dig it up, but than the Army of Frankstein will e roaming the Earth! This time we don’t want to rush things, we’re talking with a producer and are still writing the script with Miguel Tejada Flores.”

ArmyofFrankenstein.jpgWell the translation is a little bit dodgy, but I think he's saying that Army of Frankenstein will be in the same style, and if you see the concept art to the left, or in the original articles full size, then you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's almost the same film idea. Look at the saluting soldiers, the font base, this is surely the same idea but re-badged. Perhaps we will get to see Worst Case Scenario after all?

My concern here is not that it's the same, anything to get that film through, but the real concern is that the film gets beaten to the post once again, after all the long delay for Worst Case Scenario and the footage everywhere probably helped spark off the Nazi Zombie film craze.



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