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Third Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer online

HarryPotterHalfBloodPrince.jpgThe latest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has arrived online, and this film sees the magic of the Harry Potter world come to the real world, and the darkness grow both in story, and for the audience. It's looking rather good and the trailer is action packed.

Now just because my wife told me about the book and the story, I do know that there are a few spoilers in there, but they are all too brief, and I know what I'm looking for. So there shouldn't be anything you pick up on. It's a good trailer though.

You can see what you think of the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer right here and see the seriousness of it all amped up a notch. It does look like this time characters are really beefing up, that many are showing a new duality that you wouldn't have thought of from the traditionally one dimensional story characters before, and that everything seems to be turning on its head.

That's certainly the impression from the trailer, and I could see more people wanting to see this Harry Potter than ever, especially as it looks like Potter is seriously picking up his wand in anger.



The train station used in this is my local one...

Wow, it looks amazing. Can't wait to see it.

On a side note I was a bit confused when we first zoomed in on the rock in the sea and I was trying to figure out why Gandalf was standing there with Harry Potter. Sorry it's been a while since I saw any of the previous movies... :)

Ha! He does look a little like Gandalf in the darkness.

Billy, have you not managed to get down and catch filming? You've a few chances left.

No I haven't Richard. They filmed at the station last winter, I think it was in the early hours of the morning. One of my friends I used to go to school with was a stand-in for Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) in either the first or second film.


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