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Tormented trailer online

Tormented.jpgThe trailer for a new British horror has just arrived online, and here I was just writing in an upcoming review that British independent film wasn't all about horror and romantic comedies. Tormented is the story of a boy at school who is bullied by the in-crowd, and when the bullying gets too much for him he hangs himself.

Then he comes back from the dead to hunt them all down and kill them, one by one typical slasher style, and the trailer shows just what to expect.

While I do like the style of British horror films, I am a little wary of the standard slasher fare, and I'm not yet sure which way this one is going, it could turn out to be something clever, or it could just be the standard stuff, there are a couple of things that just make it a little but quirky though.

One is the Watchmen style logo for the killer, then there's the use of mobile phones to transmit the message of who's going next (well, it would seem that way from the trailer), the cool fake slasher attack, and some of the glimpses of a couple of more unusual deaths.

Then there's the blurb for the film through Twitch which has a couple of tongue in cheek references to other horrors:

Tormented is a high school horror movie that smells like teen spirit… with a hint of rotting flesh! Justine Fielding, played by Tuppence Middleton, is the gorgeous head girl of her plush suburban grammar school Fairview High. She has just won a place at Oxford University when In-Crowd hunk Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas) asks her out on a date.

All seems perfect…. except that Alexis and his circle of friends aren’t quite as hip and glam as they seem. They persistently tease anyone they consider worthless losers. Their main target, Darren Mullett (Calvin Dean), knows what his classmates did last summer. They bullied him to death.

But death is not going to stop Darren. And the in-crowd soon discover to their horror, there is no point reasoning with a very angry zombie ghost.

I'm not sure, have a look at the trailer for Tormented and see what you think.



Sure does look creepy, as it does cheesy.

I love teen slasher movies. So i'm bound to enjoy it. Plus it has Alex Pettyfer in it minus a shirt.


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