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Update: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen first teaser online

Transformers2.jpgThe first footage is online for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and it's looking rather good, and like any second film in the trilogy we're getting a darker film that hasn't abandoned the comedy, or the huge Michael Bay set action pieces.

Of course just because this footage looks great it doesn't meant that we're going to get a great film, after all the trailers for the first film looked great and then we got the close cropped, rapidly edited film that was Transformers (Filmstalker review).

The first part of the footage has Shia LaBeouf chatting with Bumblebee about how he has to dump him in order to go to college, and meanwhile Megan Fox is changing from tight leather to a white dress in order, I assume, to ask LaBeouf's character out.

However before we hear what she wants we're into the action, and that means some huge transformers fighting each other, blowing up things, smashing helicopters to death, and causing mayhem.

We also see the new old transformer with some serious old man attitude, and Optimus Prime getting some serious metal kicked out of him.

There's also a couple of interesting scenes where we see a tiny transformer, once with LaBeouf picking it out of a wall, and another with it slipping into someone's mouth – are they dead or alive? What's it going to do to the person?

Some shots of a transformer on top of big recognisable buildings, but what's the thing with the Transformer that can seemingly transport itself?

Have a look at the trailer found through Latino Review and see what you can make of those scenes.

Update: Okay, Bay's site have passworded the video and stopped anyone else embedding the video, however TrailerSpy have grabbed a copy which might not last too long, however it's great quality, and despite the advert pop-ups on the site, they are the ones with the trailer open for all, so here you go:

Another version just in case that one goes too!



I want Bumblebee!!!

pretty good. I liked the new robots, what we saw of them. And Megan Fox is hot as ever!

i differ with you about the first movie, Rich. I thought for what it needed to be, it was, and what we feared it would become, it did not.

i'm sure the second one will be more of what we want and less of what we don't.

tell me they kill the Chihuahua this time.
THAT would be more of what MOGULUS wants.

Oooh! That's not fair, Vimeo has now excluded the embed, despite the fact I got the embed through Vimeo - what the hell is that all about?

Oh no, correction, it's the person who uploaded the video who has stopped everyone else from embedding it - don't they know about marketing online? Perhaps it's Michael Bay himself, he doesn't like people online like Twitter types, unless they're on his own forums.

I have no interest in this film, although it does look better than the first. It's all about Terminator Salvation for me!


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