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Tron 2 behind the scenes reveal

Tron.jpgPerusing the stories this morning I was surprised to find a story about the first shot of someone in a Tron-like outfit on the set of Tron 2 currently filming in Vancouver. While the image isn't exciting at all and it looks almost laughable, something else caught my eye.

In the article there's a rather big reveal about the story, when combined with the costume and the setting, I'm feeling rather surprised and wondering if perhaps there's too much Matrix influence popping in here.

The photo shows a man standing at what looks like a little catering kiosk having a coffee, he could be taking a break in between filming scenes in Tron 2, and he's dressed in an odd looking costume that could definitely be from the world of Tron.

Of course it's difficult to tell what exactly is going on in the photo – which I won't grab from /Film and steal their scoop – but the person who took it adds a little explanation, and it's in here where I found something interesting.

“It was taken a couple days ago when the film was shooting downtown. I have no further details to dispense. They’ve been shooting sequences which take place in 'the real world', or more specifically New York City. Yesterday we posted a set photo showing a building with the ENCom logo, and our scooper reported seeing 'tons of police cars chasing a guy hanging on to the top of a taxi.”

Now that is interesting and I'm really not sure if anyone else has picked up on this, but we are expecting real world action in the film, after all the lead character is in the real world before entering the world of the computer system. However couple that explanation with the photo of the guy in the Tron-like suit, and there could be something Martrix-esque going on here.

There's always the desire to do something clever with a sequel, take it a little further than the previous film, and do more of the same but different, and I wonder if that's what's happening here? If they've decided to switch around the concept of the first film?

Are the characters of Tron coming out of the computer and into the real world?

The guy in a suit is an extra, and the suit does look like it's going to be a Tron suit once the expensive CGI work is done, and he's an extra on set which is in the streets of Vancouver, that's definitely not the world of a computer system, that's the real world.

So what are we seeing here? Well I guess it could be that this is just a normal guy in a suit that has nothing to do with the filming, or it could be a seen of a real world person in a suit from some form of fancy dress and is nothing to do with Tron, or it could be that we really are going to see character or characters from the computer world in Tron travel into the real world.

Now I don't know about you, but the idea of seeing a computer character come into our world and end up lost and confused isn't a new one, it's something we've seen many times before, but is it something you want to see in Tron 2?



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