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Valhalla Rising trailer online

ValhallaRising.jpgStraight from delivering Bronson, and before that the Pusher series, Nicolas Winding Refn has leapt on board Valhalla Rising starring the excellent Mads Mikkelsen.

The film has an intriguing plot and and even more intriguing trailer, which you can see right here. It doesn't give away much and looks a bit choppy, but there's enough there to give you a taste of something strong, particularly knowning Refn's past and Mikkelsen's ability.

The trailer for Valhalla Rising looks not too bad, although confusing in the short space of time it tries to deliver the story, which is...

One Eye is a mute warrior who seems to have supernatural strength. He's kept in captivity by a Chieftan who uses him as a gladiator. One day a young boy helps him escape and together they board a Viking boat and escape the land. However the boat is soon engulfed in a strange fog which only clears when they reach land.

Once there One Eye discovers his true self and what is his destiny as the land reveals its own secrets and the Vikings are destroyed.

See what you think of the trailer, it does look immensely intriguing, and especially with the talent involved.

After watching the trailer you'll see that there's a number of behind the scenes video diaries from the film too, well worth checking out.



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