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Verbinski ends Pirates of the Caribbean

GoreVerbinski.jpgGore Verbinski has now publicly announced that The Pirates of the Caribbean series is dead, at least at his hands anyway, and if it's going to continue it's not with him at the helm.

Actually it does look like it will continue as a sequel is confirmed as being in development, although not greenlit, and although Verbinski said he enjoyed working on the films, he wants to tackle new projects, including the big screen adaptation of Bioshock.

“I had a fantastic time bringing Pirates to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry, Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team...I'm looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future.”

Those are the official words from Gore Verbinski himself through Variety, confirming that he isn't going to be helming any more of the Pirates series. Although saying that he's not saying no to something in the future.

Now that would be interesting, take a break for a good few years as they deliver more films and then come back to the Pirates universe and look at what the characters would be like well into the future, not just following the sequel on from the last.

However it's not bad news for film fans, Gore Verbinski has some interesting projects lined up, including his CGI film Rango mixing live action with Johnny Depp, a live action version of the board game Clue, a film about the negative effects of role-playing games on people and the real world, and of course Bioshock.

Bioshock is a perhaps the one most will be eagerly awaiting. The video game is an excellently rich story and has scope for a great film, but like many non-film sources it needs a faithful and intelligent adaptation, something which I think both Verbinski and John Logan, who wrote the script, could actually deliver.

What do you think about that then? A good thing that he's off the project and moving onto something new, or would you really prefer him to helm another Pirates film?

In fact, there's another question, do you want to see another Pirates film with a different director in charge? Would it be better to let the series lie?

I'm up for Bioshock over Pirates that's for sure.



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