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Vue Mystery Movie Monthly

Vue.jpgWhile Secret Cinema has been doing decidedly well down in England, there's been a distinct lack of UK wide screenings, however that looks set to change with Vue Cinema introducing a rather exciting new monthly event, Mystery Movie (forgive the use of the word on Filmstalker!).

At Vue Cinemas across the UK, once a month, you can buy a ticket to a completely secret screening. You'll have no idea what the film is until it begins, but Vue guarantee it'll be a good one, and they also guarantee that it will be prior to it's official release, now that's the big draw.

If you didn't catch that already, you'll be seeing a film before it's official release, before everyone else, you'll just have no idea what film that is until the screening begins.

The extra bonus is that if you don't like it within the first twenty minutes, you can leave and get your money back, although why you would want to do that any time after the credits roll I have no idea.

I love this idea, while Secret Cinema is great it hasn't really been regular, current or regional enough for me. Interestingly though they have announced a new scheme too, called Secret Screenings. They plan to bring surprise screenings to cinemas throughout the UK, classics, cults and previews starting on the second of May in London, Brighton and Edinburgh, you can read more about them on their official site.

However Vue are doing something a bit bigger. Their monthly Mystery Movie will be showing across the UK in many of their cinemas, and will be previewing an unreleased film every month.

Mystery Movie begins on the fifth of May at 18:30 in a number of cinemas, including those in Scotland, and you can read more about it over at the Vue Mystery Movies site, see where the screenings are and also get your first tickets.

Hopefully both Vue Mystery Movies and Secret Screenings will continue to run and provide the experience to UK cinemas rather than selected cinemas in or around London. I'm more excited at the fact that this is a regular event for both companies.

Would you consider a monthly mystery movie? If so it's looking like you're going to be busy.



Lol if it was me Id be up for a weekly Mystery Movie.

That sounds like a great idea but the one showing in brum is at 6.30 on a tues and I won't be able to get there from work on time, boo hiss.

Anyone think that they might show something big like the new star trek movie at the first showing?

Well I hope it is, what a way to kick it off. Plus I already have my ticket so I'm damn well hoping it is.

Seeing as I'm going to a press screening for Star Trek tomorrow night and that the film being shown at the Mystery Movie event is a 12A, I'm 99% sure that it is indeed Star Trek.

Fantastic! Thanks Neil...I have my fingers crossed for tonight.

yes guys im going todays for the secret screening lol and im sure that it is the new star trek ohh ya

It's a good idea, I went, got my money back quickly as it turned out to be Star Trek, one on my NO list for the summer, but hopefully when the crap films clear up it'll be a fun night out.

It was Star Trek. Just came back from it. Security was tight and caused me to miss Louise who was heading over to see it. I feel terrible about that and am feeling very guilty.

Andrew have you seen the new Star Trek already? I wouldn't rate it as that bad and think that you might have been pleasantly surprised.

Just saw the new star trek movie, i've got to admit i didn't even consider Star Trek as one of the options as it's only out on Friday anyway. Not that much of an advanced preview but still good fun and i loved the film, even though it wouldn't have been my normal choice. But i guess that's the point!
Will go again next time, even though most of the films out in june look a bit rubbish. Praying for Harry Potter!!

just came from cinema saw the the mystery movie it was star trek just as i tought it would be security was tight no mobile phones was allowed inside so they took the mobile phones and searched us and the movie was awsome i enjoyed the movie it wasnt good as the classic star trek but was fun.


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