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Wall Street 2 gains Douglas and Stone?

MichaelDouglas.jpgThis is unconfirmed at the moment, but Wall Street 2, the Wall Street sequel, might just have gained the most important cast member, Gordon Gecko. What's more is that there's a new eager to learn greedy young man in talks, and the resulting line up could be rather reminiscent of the original.

The original Wall Street saw Douglas play Gordon Gecko, a leader in the financial world, teaching a young Michael Sheen what the world was all about, at the expense of his father's respect and livelihood. Martin Sheen also played his on screen Dad.

Wall Street was a great film that coined some classic moments, and now they're looking to write the sequel when Gecko comes out of prison for his crimes and begins again, in the world we know today.

Oliver Stone has already said that he's out for the sequel, he's just not interested, he says that he's covered everything he wanted to with that film and that the financial world these days is just too difficult to try and bring to the audience. You can read about that in a previous Filmstalker article.

However there's an unconfirmed rumour through Entertainment Weekly that says Michael Douglas has signed for the role once again and that Oliver Stone is returning to direct.

Before I delve into just how huge that is, let me get out of the way that they also say that Shia LaBeouf is in talks to play the young trader role. That's great, and I think that could prove to be a strong decision for him and a good one for the film.

However let's get back on track there, Oliver Stone has agreed to direct the sequel? After saying he wasn't going to and that he had said everything he needed to with the original Wall Street? Oh, and not forgetting that he said it was just too complicated to talk about the current financial world?

I find that hard to believe, and yet the source isn't a standard gossip source. Perhaps this could be true, despite what Stone is quoted as saying before? They also have the news that Michael Douglas has signed, and although that isn't as fantastical, I still find that rather surprising too.

However, if it is true, then it's superb news for the sequel, and I really can't see a sequel working unless it had these two names returning for it, do you?



---ALways wealthy, son of New York stockbrokers
and a former Yalie -Oliver Stone continues to circle
pointlessly around the stale idolatries of his youth.

Meanwhile, Hollywood and probably he himself are,
in one way or another, on financial all fours
before the most awesomely genocida regime in
history ---across the Pacific.


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