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Washington and Scott reteam

DenzelWashington.jpgDenzel Washington is re-teaming with Tony Scott in a new action film, now this isn't really a surprise since they've worked together a number of times on Crimson Tide, Déjà Vu (Filmstalker review), Man on Fire (Filmstalker review) and the soon to be seen The Taking of Pelham 123. Now they're working together on another train action film called Unstoppable.

The film will see Washington play an experienced train engineer teaming up with a young conductor who leap aboard a train and try to chase down and stop another runaway train.

Sounds like it's going to carry a lot of high paced action and excitement and suits both of them really well, although I have to say I do miss the more serious side of Denzel Washington and it seems that all I can remember is the action one, well that's the one that's been the most successful.

Variety tells us that the script has been written by Mark Bomback who wrote Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review), Race to Witch Mountain, and Deception, so he's well versed in the action and thriller departments – no kids or ageing wrestlers in this one though!

The full story is actually inspired by actual events, although apparently the words “loosely” and “inspired by” are used in the same sentence. The film story will see the two chasing a runaway train filled with a cargo of toxic chemicals, presumably heading towards a village, perhaps even a playground or two, and Denzel Washington and his young co-worker are the only two who can save the day.

Tony Scott directing Denzel Washington is a sure fire exciting film both visually and tension wise, how can it not work?



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