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Watchmen Director's Cut dropped from cinemas?

Watchmen_Poster.jpgBefore Watchmen was released in cinemas there was word that we would see a Director's Cut and a Special Edition on DVD, and word came out that the Director's Cut was going to be released in the cinema too.

Now though that looks to be in doubt as Zack Snyder has been talking at ShoWest about the planned releases of his film and the plans for the cinematic re-release seems to have been severely paired back, there might even be doubt of it happening at all.

Right now Zack Snyder revealed through Cinema Blend that Watchmen (Filmstalker Review) is being released to cinemas and that it will be in some cinemas in Los Angeles and New York, and those are the only places that have been mentioned so far.

There's a whole world of Watchmen fans out there, and while they didn't all go and see the film, as the box office shows, I think it will have a very strong showing on DVD, particularly that Special Edition which promises to have all the footage in it along with The Tales of the Black Freighter.

So far there's no more news but I'll let you know what is released out as soon as I find out, but right now it's definitely looking like a very limited release, even just in America, never mind the rest of the world who could be missing out on a cinematic release of the Director's Cut.

What would we be missing? Well Zack Snyder has been pretty open about that for some time, we're missing the build up of the first Nite Owl, and the death of the man behind his mask, Hollis Mason, all of which is set to build up more about the story and pull together these characters. Other details are sparse, but there is the promise of footage that means the film will be more violent and sexier, and that can't be a bad thing can it?

It's disappointing that it doesn't look like it's getting decent cinematic release, particularly with no word of a worldwide release, although that might change as more details emerge, personally I hope so, but at the same time even a DVD release is going to see me skipping it until the final, ultimate version is released.

Sorry Zack and good cinema everywhere, but I'm not paying for two cinema releases and three DVD releases. I'd pay for two cinema releases and the ultimate DVD, but that's just because it's Watchmen.



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