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Wolverine not co-directed

LaurenDonner_Jackman.jpgLauren Shuler Donner has been talking about the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine and revealed just how much involvement her husband, Richard Donner, had in the film.

There had been rumours previously about how much involvement he had in directing the film when Gavin Hood was the announced director, and now it seems that it was more than a rumour, but Lauren Shuler Donner reveals that it's not as everyone thinks.

The rumours had been that the director of The Omen, Superman, Lethal Weapon and Scrooged, Richard Donner, had taken over the directing of the film at some point during the production and left Gavin Hood by the sidelines. Not so says her husband and film producer, Lauren Shuler Donner.

SciFi Wire had the interview with her and asked her the question straight out, well done.

“Dick and I don't work together as director and producer, for obvious reasons. He has final say, final cut, and that's not good in a marriage. But I was making four movies at the same time last year, one in North Carolina, one in Los Angeles, one in New Orleans and one in Sydney, Australia, and I just could not do them all. I finally turned to him; there's no better person to have come down and help out on this kind of movie than the director who did Superman. So he really gets [the] husband-of-the-year award, because he did come down, which was, I think, wonderful for Gavin.”

To begin with I thought that he'd actually had appeared to work on the production side of things, and perhaps that could be what he did, however she does go on and reveal a little more.

“These movies are really hard. If you're a 10-time director, they're hard. Gavin is a newer director, and new to the breadth and the scope and the visual effects and the size of this kind of movie, and the cast and the physical effects, everything. So Dick served a really good purpose. He, A, helped me out and, B, he was sort of there to help grandfather it through. If Gavin needed any help or some muscle on his side or anything like that, Dick was there.”

I'm not quite sure if she meant that her husband, Richard Donner, was there to serve the role of a grandfather to Gavin Hood or not. However it does seem as though he was there in more of a moral support role and providing assistance when needed, if this is more than careful press handling. It's far from the taking over directing panic raising cries that came from earlier in the production.



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